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Cheese Scone with Soya Milk Recipe

One of my goals / resolutions for this year is to cut down on refined sugar, which you can find in all sorts of wonderful junk food like sweets and processed food including cereals. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am a man who likes his Coco Pops and up until coming back home for Christmas almost three weeks ago I was on three bowls a day (sounds like some strange addiction?)

That means it's time to swap the cereal for something a bit healthier. One part of my 2017 Breakfast is a Cheese Scone. Who doesn't love a cheese scone? ... People who don't like cheese, I guess(?)

Goals for 2017

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a smashing Christmas and didn't get too drunk on Saturday night. I spent my NYE tearing up the town... and by that I mean staying inside & watching the fireworks on BBC1. Hardcore(.)

I don't remember making any New Year's resolutions last year - so this year I've decided to switch things up and make some New Year Goals. Let's go.

Christmas Baking: Santa's Sugar Cookies

Ermahgerd, it's Christmas Eve Eve! (Yes, I'm ignoring the fact I've not posted in three months, oops!) Sugar Cookies have been a bit of a Christmas tradition for me since roughly 2010 and they are one of my favourite things to bake all-year-round.

Music / 1 [2016]

Hiya, how's it going? I hope you guys are keeping well. 

I know 2016 is not even nearly over, we've still got the festive period to go (yaaas!) but today I wanted to share with you my favourite tracks of 2016 so far, and because some of them have kinda been my Summer anthems, I want to get this post out, especially now that it is September!

Favourite album release of the year is - hands down - All I Need by Foxes. That album was just spectacular.

Let me know if you have any song recommendations:)

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A Guide to Pinterest

I wrote this post on my previous blog. Recently I was asked about it; whether I still had it or not as it was super helpful to a lot of people. I kept the post in a Word document incase this situation ever came up and I could be like "BOOM here's that post ya wanted". It's the same post, but I've given it a bit of a refreshment.

So, let's flash back to late 2014: I had an unsuccessful fortnight stay in hospital and was at home trying to fight through my pain (which later turned out to be Crohn's Disease). My mum and I were discussing interior design and what we could do with the living room and eventually the whole house incase my parents ever decided to sell. When I was in hospital I was thinking about other career options I could take up if I couldn't continue with Musical Theatre (I did continue with Musical Theatre, I am about to start the final year of my degree next month), interior design and property development was one... as I remembered a conversation I had in late 2013 when I had just started Drama School, with a newly found mate as we walked past a bar that had closed due to bankruptcy near where we lived, he said he wanted to buy it, do it up and sell it and I fell in love with the idea of property development. So during the conversation I had with my Mum I went onto Tumblr for interior design inspiration, without any luck my Mum suggested Pinterest (bravo for knowing that, momma!) I had been on Pinterest for quite a few years but I had never used it because I didn't have the slightest clue about what it was for nor how to use it. So I acted on my confusion and made an attempt to familiarise myself with the social media platform. I started searching and re-pinning bits of inspo... and my Pinterest addiction began.

Because I'm now an "expert" (I'm really not) on the subject, I wanted to share with you some tips for Internet Content Creators to get the most out of Pinterest.

A black glass desk with an iMac displaying a Pinterest page with a Succulent and cup of Herbal Tea


As you don't know me too well yet, I thought I would do a quick-fire 10 Facts About Me post just to enlighten you with information you're probably not gonna give two flying hamsters about! But it means if we ever meet for coffee (I don't drink coffee, but it's the phrase, isn't it?) you'll know not to go on about your love of... coffee.

Stansberry Jon 10 Facts About Me


I'm a bit of a Skincare freak. I love trying out new products and reading blogs & watching YouTube videos from others showing what they use. When it comes to Skincare I try to be as ethical as I can. I check with the PETA company search to find out whether a specific company tests on Animals or not. If it does test then I look for a suitable product alternative.

Before I share my current routine with you, I would like to clarify that this is not a sponsored post by Lush Cosmetics. I have worked at Lush for the past 9 months and the staff discount is pretty freaking awesome. This explains why a lot of products in my routine are Lush.

A selection of Skincare products including Lush Cosmetics, DermaQuest and B. Is For Beautiful

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